BA in Information Management Intro Cabin Trip 2016

The cabin trip will take place from August 23rd to 26th.

We will be staying at:
Frydenborgvej 40,
6092 Sdr. Stenderup

You can visit the cabin’s website (  (only available in Danish)

Departure: We meet up at the parking lot at Dalgas Have 15, 2000 Frederiksberg at 10.40 am. The bus leaves at 11.00! Please remember to bring your luggage and remember to be on time.

Payment for the trip:
Participants will have to pay 600 DKK per person, which will cover all food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks), transportation, as well as entertainment and equipment.

Please transfer the 600 DKK before 22nd August if you plan on participating.

You can transfer the 600 DKK to the following account:
Reg. No.: 9100
Account No.: 4502 4323 76
Name: Tobias Munch

IBAN: DK9691004502432376
Name: Tobias Munch

You can also pay with Mobilepay: 42 61 49 08 (Tobias Munch)

Please remember to write your full name and ‘BA IM’ in the text box, when transferring the money!

If you would rather pay in cash, you can do so by either sending an e-mail about such to or write him a message on Facebook, followed by of course bringing the 600 DKK on 22nd Monday.

More info
Any questions? Feel free to contact us!